Apple’s Attempts at Revolutionizing Home Entertainment

Apple ventures into the home entertainment section long back in 2006 IPTV player was revolutionary for its time, but a little too early. It did modest sales to avoid being declared as a complete failure. It had an inbuilt 40 GB hard disk and played content from the internet to the television or a Mac computer.

In September 2010, Apple improved on it Apple TV iTV. This iTV is just one fourth the size of the older version and costs as much as the older version. The new version as per the sales figures has done considerable business that was not seen in the older version of Apple TV. It has crossed more than a million sales nos till now. It was launched in a press conference in San Francisco in sep 2006 and began selling in jan 2007.

The new device is based a lot on the older version but has many changes which make it a completely new product and nut just an upgrade. The Apple iTV is capable of doing 720p of web content. It lacks a hard drive, since it is based this time around in the cloud. Episodes when bought are stored for 48 hours on the cloud and then deleted. It is like borrowing a book from the library where you have to return it after a few days. The operating system this time around is the iOS 4.2 which is same as than found in the top selling iPhone and iPad. Although it does no allow high definition videos, it is capable of displaying high definition pictures. Video episodes and movies can be subscribed from the itunes store which are priced at $1 per dollar. This aggressive pricing is done to increase viewer ship and increase the sales of this unit among people who have just migrated to digital TV’s.