Does Howard Stern Push the Limits?

We have all been given the basic right as an American to the freedom of speech. While it’s a right, it is a right that is open to some interpretation. Howard Stern is a polarizing figure whose right to speech is often questioned. As is the nature of a polarizing figure, Howard Stern is adored by many, but disliked by perhaps even more. His detractors feel he just shouldn’t be allowed to discuss some of the topics bandied about in his studio. But is he really doing anything all that bad?

Surely at a time when people’s entire life savings are wiped out in giant ponzi schemes and taxpayers moeny is used to bail out banks, Howard Stern can’t be considered a real threat. A man talking about taboo subjects such as sex seems to draw more ire than real criminals who are committing real crimes. So why is it that people get so angry with Howard?

Perhaps it is as simple as parents who don’t want their kids to get too many of their ideas from a foul mouthed shock jock. Howard is now heard only on satellite radio and you actually have to pay to hear him. Still, his image is still one that can bring instant anger to members of almost any crowd. Just try saying his name and soliciting opinions on him from any crowd of strangers. There is bound to be one person who loves him and several who have formed negative opinions who have perhaps never even heard a single show.

Perhaps Howard gets carried away with sex talk sometimes but what he mostly does is a great interview. He is able to extract information from people who barely know what they are saying before it comes out. This is because his conversations are so engaging that the interviewee almost wills themselves over to him. Howard Stern is great for free speech, as free speech is great for him.