Google Earth Takes You around the World

Google Earth is an application that lets you find all that you need to know about any location on the earth. You can use Google Earth in many different ways. For example, when you plan on taking a trip or looking for apartments for rent in Atlanta and you living in Florida, it’s always best to check out the location to determine if the location is best suited for your needs. Google Earth can help you do this by zooming in on the exact spot, allowing you to get an idea of what the place is like beforehand.

If you want to find exact distances, Google Earth gives you cool tools such as the Line and Path tool for the purpose of determining exact distances. You can use Google Earth not just to view distances, but also to view locations close to you. Check out Google Street View technology, which enables you to have streetwise-viewing of various vantage positions in city streets across the globe.

The interesting thing about Google Earth is that you can use it with other applications. For example, if you are a regular blogger, you can find the location of your blog visitors by attaching a Geovisitors Badge to the blog. The badge offers a link that shows you a map displaying a visitor’s location. When you click the Placemark for any particular visitor, you can view a balloon that provides the link which can be used to view that specific location in Google Earth. You can zoom into the visitor location by clicking the link. Add a Placemark to ‘My Places’, so that anyone who visits your blog can check visitor location through this.

Google Earth gives you a host of photos from different parts of the world that you can check out for viewing and enjoying. You can look into places such as the ocean waters, the moon, historic places, cities, Amazon forests, outer space and much more. Truly, Google Earth is an incredible application that helps you navigate the world.