Media – Social Innovation

Newspaper, television, printed matters and radio are the major form of the media in the today’s world. Media is considered as the way to express he ideas and the feeing for the person, you can express you ideas by use of nay of these media publically. Media is often defined as the form of press release and news reporting etc. in computer world also media defines removable disk, hard drive, CD-ROM, flash memory floppy disk, USB drives etc,

Social media is the kind of social interaction with common people with the use of scalable and accessible techniques to communicate. Newspaper is the first media that invented very early days and the power of media is very huge that it publically announces and display the thing and get the opinions. Newsprint has the power that it can change the public opinion, this is the media where people get much knowledge about general and academia topics also.

After newspaper the radio came to the era which became the most useful and entertaining media which is used in today’s time at the same pace with some modifications in way of conveying the message to public, now even an illiterate also got to know about many things by just listenening, radio change the field of entertainment and became the part of every day life. After radio decade now comes the television now public can watch the news and along with listening and people got entertained by the pictures and actors after seeing them, television gives entertainment sitting at home with all colours and have fun and enjoyment and making big hits

Now the world coma of wireless which has totally changed the meaning of entertainment with technology internet. All the information, movies, videos, music everyone can access from anywhere in the world from the mobile itself with the help of internet and wireless technology and with wireless phones all the people can connect with each other at any point of time. It is the best innovation in the recent times. Get the best out of it.