Privacy and and Safety Settings for the Internet

Privacy and Safety settings for the internet are an essential tool when you have children in the home. Children should not have access to things that are not age appropriate.  This is why you should utilize privacy and safety settings.

Most children over the age of twelve who have hd a computer in the home since birth, know quite bit about computers and how they work.  There are two simple ways to make sure that your teen cannot see what you have been up too.  One, you need to make sure you clean out your cookies on a regular basis, you can do this by going to “internet options” on the top of the page and deleting your cookies.  While you have his open, you should also go ahead and delete your browser history.  Then two, when you have visited a site that you do not want your children to know about, you need to make sure that you go to the URL bar and when it drops down, delete the page from the history as well.

If you know in advance that you are going to be visiting a site that you do not want your child to see, for instance, you want to shop around for a birthday present, you can open a “browse in private” session.  You can do this by left clicking on your internet icon and then clicking on “browse in private”.

Our children do not need to know everything we are up to when we are online.  The best way to keep them from knowing what you are up to would be to utilize the privacy settings from the very beginning.