Statistics of Facebook

Facebook is without doubt the largest social networks in the world. Every one you know either has an account or has a friend who has an account on Facebook. The growth of Facebook has been so phenomenal such that it has overtaken Google as the internet site with the largest amount of visits in 2010. This achievement has not been or ever will be overtaken by another website.

With the beginning of 2011, the statistics of Facebook usage are beginning to reach the media and they are surprising to say the least. In 2011 Facebook has crosses the 500th million user mark to be used by one in every 13 people in the world. Another surprising statistic is the usage of Facebook by these 500 million people. More than 50% of the users with an account on Facebook log in regularly. The average number of people a user befriends on Facebook in 130, which is expected to grow in 2011.

More surprising statistics are the statistics of the usage of Facebook in the different age groups. More than 48% of the users in the age group of 18-35 log in every morning after waking up. About 28% do so even before getting out of bed; how they came to this conclusion in out of out knowledge. Users in the age group of 18 to 24 are the fastest growing users with 7 out of every 10th child in this age group possessing a regularly used account.

Users on Facebook spend more than 11.5 Billion hours per month spent logged into Facbook accounts. Users spend most of their time installing applications which range at about 20 million apps per single day. More than 2 million websites now use Facebook integration to let users access their accounts. More than 250 million users access Facebook via these websites.